the BASHBOOMPOW! podcast – S2E5 – I’M SHARY BOBBINS Y’ALL! A GotG2 Special

Dungeons & Dragons and birthday bashes, Blade Runner 2049 & gender equality, Hellboy, Neil Marshall and David Harbour (pouring one out for GdT/Perlman/Hyde-Pierce), a quick celebration of Michael Parks while doing a terrible Clint, Mega City One and 2000AD, FXX’s proposed Deadpool animated series (and Archer), some late to the party thoughts on the Ragnarok trailer and a quick spoiler-free discussion about Guardians of the Galaxy 2… all this before a bonus hour-long special as Adam & Jon get into a spoiler city superchat, digging into the specific joys and jerks among StarLord and the gang in Vol. 2.

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Break Song (‘River River’, Lonely the Brave)

Ending Song (‘Ego The Living Planet’, Monster Magnet)

One love ❤️

Team BBP

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