the BASHBOOMPOW! podcast – Recasting Cartoons Trilogy

Inspired by Disney’s recent (and huge) success in adapting their classic cartoons for live-action, this 3-part podcasting special sees hosts Adam & Jon dive into the past to dig up some animated treasures and discuss how they would be given the big screen treatment today and just WHO would be cast in key roles… the full ‘toon roster, corresponding episode guide and links are all here in one handy place for you:

Part 1: Recasting Cartoons

Ulyssess 31, Bravestarr, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Gummi Bears, M.A.S.K., ThunderCats 

Part 2: Fake Fish in a Glass Ass

He-Man & The Masters of the Universe, Inspector Gadget, Count Duckula

Part 3: Factory Settings Russell Crowe

The Raccoons, Defenders of the Earth , Dungeons & Dragons

Feel the magic, hear the pod 😄


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