BASHBOOMPOW! RECOMMENDS: Hammock – My Mind Was A Fog… My Heart Became A Bomb

It’s on 3rd (the Hammock District).

Adman, 15.04.16


This week, thanks to a random Spotify playlist, I heard Hammock for the first time. With a deeply atmospheric post-rock/orchestral sound, the duo – guitarists Andrew Thompson and Marc Byrd, from Nashville, Tennessee, no less – create the sort of huge, cinematic soundscapes and sense of emotion that I’m absolutely a sucker for. I was immediately drawn in by the song itself, and seconds later was (of course) furiously Googling to see what else from their catalogue I could find and consume. That five minutes of procrastination led me to one of the most wonderful music videos I’ve ever seen:

Shot with measured restraint and using some brief, excellent FX work and wordlessly agonized performances, this accompaniment for their stirring song ‘My Mind Was A Fog… My Heart Became A Bomb’ is practically a short film all by itself. There are hints of a huge science-fiction event evolving off-camera throughout, and although the storytelling (if you can call it that)  is nothing remotely like linear, the music, editing and the few plot elements the viewer is given combine into something remarkably powerful. In fact, this ambiguity works totally in its favour, as I was struck by how much it recalled writer/director/physicist Shane Carruth‘s spectacular/batshit film ‘Upstream Color’ – as this too reaches for big ideas and scary questions (and, oddly, links together science fiction and agriculture), but leaves any real resolution to the audience.

It’s a beautiful, intricate, and thought-provoking effort, and I strongly recommend you take five minutes to check it out. I mean, just read that title! Gorgeous, right?

It really is.

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