‘A Monster Calls’ gets an incredible trailer

a monster calls

Nice to see Treebeard still getting work.

Adman, 15.04.16

If you’ve been reading this site a while, you many remember that a little over 2 years ago (2 years?!), I was excitedly gushing that a book I had recently read and adored – Patrick Ness‘ magical and heartbreaking ‘A Monster Calls‘ – had been adapted by the author, and was heading to the screen, courtesy of director J.A. Bayona (The Orphanage, The Impossible). Liam Neeson was already cast as the voice of the eponymous, mythical monster, and I couldn’t wait for an expanded take on this wonderful, but fairly short, story.

Fast-forward 25 months (nope, that’s not any better) and here we are:

It gives nothing away really story-wise, looks incredible, has a red-hot cast (second lead is Felicity Jones, soon to be seen in Gareth EdwardsRogue One, with genre-queen Sigourney Weaver briefly appearing too), and is peppered with the kind of magical moments and sadness that made the book such a keeper*.

A Monster Calls is set for release on October 7th, 2016.

* I absolutely sobbed through the last pages of this book. And it’s supposed to be for kids!


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