the BASHBOOMPOW! podcast – Episode Ten – DeadCool

BBP Ep 10 - DeadCool

A reaction to the Ghostbusters trailer over-reaction, an extended look at why Deadpool rocked the planet’s socks clean off, Rupert Murdoch: Cockney Eater of Souls, Jon’s next-gen experiences with his new XBoner and Fallout 4 (while Adam recounts finally playing and beating the third instalment), Mayor Mike Haggar, a lamentation for the oddness of Old Facebook (*throws sheep*), Good Mirrors, Bone Tomahawk, gonzo gore and Plain Patrick Wilson, Sexy ‘Staches, Hateful 8, Kurt Russell and going ga-ga for Goggins, Confessions of an Odeon Usher, ‘gratz to Leo for finally snagging a baldie, plus an extra bout of TV Talk covering season one of Ash vs Evil Dead, saying goodbye to Gravity Falls, and give an (Arrrr!, Me) Hearty recommendation for Amazon Prime’s pirate drama Black Sails…. …all this and more in this week’s exciting episode of the BASHBOOMPOW podcast!

Now with Chapter Breaks, so you can get straight to what’s good for you:

0:00    Part 1/ Ghostbusters Trailer Reaction (reaction)
11:34  Deadpool
25:52  Jon gets an XBoner / Fallout 3 & 4
42:20 One Two, Tie Your Shoe
43:18  Part 2: Bone Tomahawk
55:34  The Hateful 8
1:06:19  Leo Lovefest
1:07:20  TV Talk! Ash vs Evil Dead, Gravity Falls & Black Sails

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Enjoy the show – thanks everybody!


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