the BASHBOOMPOW! podcast – Episode Nine – Civil War, huh? What is it good for?



In a not-really-very-mini-cast, Adam & Jon are back with another BASHBOOMPOW! special, this time having a big ol’ blather about Marvel’s upcoming biggie ‘Captain America: Civil War’. Inspired by the release of the latest trailer, the guys take a look at the sides that’ve been drawn, the Marvel status quo that’s led to this climax and what it’ll mean for Infinity War, some big differences between the page and big screen, and a comprehensive breakdown/commentary on the trailer itself… as well as Confusing Ronans, Captain Planet, RDJ fatigue, the Bucky O’Hare song, and pondering whether being Pippa’d is worse than being Schniedered.

Are you looking forward to this one us much as we are? Or are you a Marvel mooch? Sound off in the comments on and join the community on

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Thanks everybody!


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