BRASS TACKS (with Chunk)

He’s a man of few words. A Mystery Man of few words. Here’s Chunk on Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jaws’….


Hi BASHBOOMPOW fans. This is my first time doing this. The boys have been kind enough to give me a small section this week with hopefully more to come. Anyway, enough of the nicey nicey bullshit…

Welcome to BRASS TACKS, film review of the old and new. This week… JAWS (that got your attention). A motion picture about a (quite) big bloodthirsty great white shark, who has come to the conclusion that chasing and eating seals and car license plates is so last year. Who decides to swim to Amity island and eat some apple-pie-filled Americans. Only the Sheriff and a couple of  other guys (one from the Oceanic Institute, one from the School of Hard Knocks) who know about this horrific fish (horrifish) are out to stop her. Will they kill her before she eats everybody on the island? Possibly while saying a snappy zinger?


SHIT HOT FILM – 5 horrifish out of 5


–  Chunk

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