the BASHBOOMPOW! podcast – Episode Seven – Inderption



Adam and Jon crawl back from the dead with the longest BBP episode yet…

Starting things off this week with a timely takedown of Tony Slattery (?!), the guys continue their pop culture quest discussing LOLspeak, the roles of Chris Tucker, Bob Dylan FM, then go an extended Netflix binge including Narcos, Sense8, Daredevil and Arrested Development, while trajectorizing (TM) on great first episodes, the Robocop remake, TrailerVoiceMan, Babylon 5 and Farscape, showing some love for the underrated Tomorrowland, baffling ratings systems, the Joker’s Magic Pencil, and The Flash.

Finally, the guys get in the Halloweiner spirit with a series-by-series look back at the legacy of American Horror Story (with spoooooooooooky SPOILERS! obviously), a ton of bonus callbacks and Simpsons references, and a surprise guest!

It’s a penis (for real).


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Thanks everybody!

– Adman

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