the BASHBOOMPOW! podcast – Episode One – The Phantom Mayhem


Hi everybody,

I know I’ve been absent from the main BBP site for a while and only really focused on the Facebook page, and would like to thank those who contributed reviews and articles and helped keep it going. BUT the good news is, I’ve been working behind the scenes and am psyched to announce the arrival of the BASHBOOMPOW! podcast. It’s been a lost-gestating and changing project that I’m pleased to be able to finally share, and I’d also like to thank my man(n) Jon who’s been (and stayed) onboard since the beginning. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

It’s being hosted by and available via iTunes, so please give it listen and for God’s sake, subscribe and tell your friends to if you like it. Still need to know what it’s about? Well…

‘Do you love movies, music, games and TV? Do you love listening to grown men talk about them EVEN MORE? Then the BASHBOOMPOW podcast (BASHBOOMPOD, if you will) is for you. Join hosts Adam and Jon for fortnightly dissections of pop culture, movie talk, Simpsons quotes and silliness. It might just save your life.’

=DISCLAIMER= It won’t save your life.

Listen and subscribe here, and I’ll be your BFF: BASHBOOMPOW! Podcast

Subscribe on iTunes here:BASHBOOMPOW! for Apple devices

And Pocket Casts here: BASHBOOMPOW! for Android devices

Intro song: ‘K.I.L.L.‘ by N.Murray & M.Moore
Part One closing song: ‘The Fool’s Fooling Himself‘ by Scott Matthews (Purchase in iTunes)
Part Two closing song: ‘Sea of Voices‘ by Porter Robinson (Purchase in iTunes)

Thanks so much guys.

– Adman

(EDITOR’S NOTE: I know the sound is a little muddled right at the start – don’t worry, a quick shift of the mic sorts it out before long. Stick with it!)

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