Insane Predator House for sale in Sweden, insert ‘Get To Duh Chappaaaaa’ gag here

Predhouse outside

Nothing to see here, right? Wrong.

Okay, so you’re hanging out in Sweden. Or more specifically, the region of Kalmar. Be honest, if you passed this place on the street you probably wouldn’t give it a second glance – unless you were also house-hunting in which case, you’d be in luck! For a paltry 2,375,000 Krona (don’t panic, that’s only £204,008, or $320,000 to us Westerners), it can be yours. Although probably best suited to those interested in a different type of hunting…

As you may have guessed from the snappy headline, it turns out the seller of this particular home has something of a keen interest in a certain sci-fi franchise (or two). This might become a little more noticeable once you set foot inside (click to enormify images).

‘Oh hai, never saw you there.’

Yes, that’s a full-scale Predator (complete with foliage backdrop!) and some mounted hunting masks right there in the dude’s hallway and this is probably the moment where you have to decide if this guy is clinically insane or just INSANELY AWESOME (at BBP we love Predator, so we’re going with the latter). There’s nothing wrong with exercising your passion, if you can afford to and as long as you use a little restraint, right? So when you see this badass door, you naturally have to wonder what’s on the other side.

Sex dungeon, you say? NO DICE.

Well, there’s this obscenely detailed lounge – a recreation of the inside of a Predator ship, complete with more mounted masks, Alien Queen heads, eggs and Facehuggers…


Totally normal.



…and then there’s the coup de grâce: a 30-metre-square cinema room complete with leather recliners, twin disco balls… and an electronic drumkit(!):


Feel free to picture a dude in full Predator regalia, smashing the crap out of that kit to ‘Reign in Blood’.

I can’t help but applaud the effort, even if I do have to question whether the owner has taken a laser-cannon to the head at some point in his life. Being a grown man whose most recent purchases include the Temple of Doom action figures suddenly doesn’t feel quite so bad! I’ve included the full advert for the sale below, thanks to Google translate. Curiously, it makes no mention of the very specific particulars of the décor…


(via – for a full slideshow of this palace of crazy, click here:


‘Spacious villa in kid-friendly Pennant croft. This authentic Myresjöhus of about 121 square meters on the ground floor is distributed over 2 -3 possible bedrooms, tiled bathroom and spacious kitchen, laundry room and living room. The latter is in the current situation a unique cinema room one of its kind. Upstairs consists of an approximately 75-square-meter room (!) Which in simple terms rearranged to separate bedrooms. Consistently well maintained villa with generous surfaces where the ambition to create a unique home is consistently and is in the details.

Easily maintained garden with paved front and driveway to the detached garage. The back offers a secluded existence with thujahäckar and stone wall that separates the nearest neighbors. Hydronic floor heating and 3-glass isolerfönster. Welcome!’


  Via roofed porch rises to enter the hall. Specially designed shelving with spotlights and good clothes storage in closets. Tiled floor with underfloor underlying.

  To the right is an abundant kitchen with full mechanical equipment: Combined fridge / freezer, stove with attached hood and dishwasher. Recessed LED spots in the ceiling and floor heating under the oak parquet. Plenty of room for matmöblemanget.

LAUNDRY / Scullery
  Spacious and convenient laundry room with washing machine. In addition, laundry sink and good space for clothes management. Exit to the driveway.

Lounge / cinema room
  It is about 30 square meters large living room is now decorated to a cinema room, all alone of its kind. The basic model fits well and good companionship furniture and additional dining area. Origin appearance is restored in time for the next owners immigrations. The door to the patio and garden.

  Two spacious bedrooms, both with oak floors and neutral finishes. Underfloor course! Electric blinds with remote control.

It is possible to create another bedroom.

  Fully tiled bathroom with toilet, wash basin and a shower and Jacuzzi Floor.


Via external staircase you will find a generous upper floor. Isolated and decorated for socializing, hobbies and events. Consistently bright finishes with grånyanserat laminate flooring and spotlights. With simple means to create additional bedrooms with partition walls – depending on the next owners’ wishes.

Building Place

Base: Slab with underlying insulation

Frame: Wood

Floors: Wood

Facade: Wood panelling

Roofing: Concrete tiles

Windows: 3insulating glass windows (blinds with remote control)

Ventilation: Mechanical exhaust air recycling

Water: municipal water

Drain: sanitation

Others: Remote-controlled blinds which also is controlled by sun and wind sensors.

Heating System: Hydronic floor heating – Exhaust air heat pump

Consumption figures
Energy Class D, energy 57 kWh / year.
Heating and electricity
Heating: Hydronic floor heating – Exhaust air heat pump

Assessed value is 1.757 million SEK (determined for the year 2012), of which building value 1.131 million SEK. Type code 220, Single-family unit, full-year mortgage, value year 1999. The operating cost is about 26 000 SEK / year.

(About 15 000 kWh of annual consumption regarding heating and electricity) Ground rent will be about 4400 SEK / quarter.

Television and the Internet
TV: TV antenna. Internet: ADSL.
Parking space
Detached garage with space for one car and additional storage. (Remote garage door) There is also a garden shed that houses most of the garden equipment and other storage.
Easement / planning regulations

Plan Requirements: Detailed development (1994-11-21)


Leasehold means the right to use a property (land) without owning it. The owner, usually a municipality leases the property for a long, indefinite period.

Leasehold is almost comparable to the property. It means that you have the full right to transfer the leasehold to someone else or to pawn it.

You as a leaseholder has to pay an annual fee to the owner, a so-called rents. The deductible for capital gains in the same manner as interest expense.

On disposal (for example, purchase or exchange) of the leasehold, the same rules for capital gains on a property owned.

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