A BASHBOOMPOW! milestone, a trio of sci-fi short films to start your weekend, and a PRIZE GIVEAWAY!

phoenix 9

First of all: it’s with a profound sense of gratitude that I can announce the passing of 3,000 views today on BASHBOOMPOW! Outside of our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/bashboompowdotcom) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/BASHBOOMPOW) the site gets zero publicity; I don’t shill it all over the place, or constantly pester people to read it, so to have reached the 3K milestone since launching in only February of this year feels like a big deal to me. I know that in Internet terms this number is smaller than the smallest drop in the ocean, but I don’t really care. The fact that the articles, reviews and opinions posted on this site have been read that many times is extremely satisfying, and I humbly thank everybody who checks in when a new piece goes up on the front page. You guys rule.

So by way of a small token of appreciation, I’m giving away the FIRST BASHBOOMPOW T-SHIRT EVER CREATED! Nope, I don’t even have one myself. You’ll be the first ever person in human history to adorn yourself with the colours of BBP. Pretty cool huh? And here’s the best bit: there’s no quiz, no catch, or obscure movie quote you have to guess to win. All you have to do is let me know you want one.

So either send an email to bashboompow@gmail.com or message via the FB group using the title ‘DAT SHIRT THO’, including your name (obviously) and preferred size to be in with a shot at the shirt. The winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday, November 27th. There can be only one.

T-shirt winner feels.

T-shirt winner feels.

I’ve also collected the links to a few excellent sci-fi shorts the help herald in the weekend! Because there’s no better time of the week to be staying indoors huddled over a computer, amirite? Here’s a brief synopsis and direct link for each. I think they’re all outstanding, in their own way – feel free to post your own thoughts in the comments either here or on the FB group wall, and enjoy folks.

As always: please share things you like, drop me a line if you’re interested in writing for BASHBOOMPOW! and be cool, you kids.


Running the Gammatar (dir. Joe Kramer)

‘Running the Gammatar’ is an award-winning indie comedy about a group of self-centered 20-somethings trying to navigate their way through relationships in a city that’s under constant attack from a giant, fire-breathing Japanese monster.

“Pure fun” – Ain’t It Cool News
“Wry, funny [and] perceptive” – Kuriositas
“A pitch-perfect hybrid of horror and comedy” – Philebrity
“[A] comedy in the best indie-style: fast dialogue, loud colors, and some hip indie pop-songs on the soundtrack.” – Die Zeit Online
Video of the Week – The Awardeo Company
Vimeo Staff Pick


Singular (dir. Juan F Orozco)

In an America where everyone has superpowers, Andy, the only kid who doesn’t have one, struggles to escape a group of bullies led by Sofia, who just wants to make Andy’s life more miserable than it already is. But what begins as an ordinary ‘everyday’ beating ends up spiraling out of control, putting our hero in a life-or-death situation where courage, leadership and sacrifice will guide Andy — and Sofia — to discover the true meaning of “being special.”


Phoenix 9 (dir. Amir Reichart)

After a global nuclear war has turned earth into a scorched wasteland, a struggling group of survivors discovers a secret installation that offers a new beginning – but not without a catch… Phoenix 9 marks the debut for the German team of Amir Reichart (director & editor) and Peer Gopfrich (writer & producer). The short is a proof-of-concept based on a feature screenplay by Peer Gopfrich.


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