Give money. Get music. Everybody wins.


Quite famously, we now live in an era where a guy can raise $51,000 to make potato salad. I don’t even know where to start with that.

Instead, I’d like to swing your head towards something here, on these internets, right now – something that you can not only donate to, not only feel like a better person for doing, but something that rewards you for your generosity.

Any parent will tell you that raising kids is no cake-walk, but do you know what’s a million times harder? Not being given the chance. That is why The Sound of Superstring, a much-loved band hailing from the Blackest of all Pools (which is to say, Blackpool, Lancashire, England, Earth) are releasing four tracks in advance of their forthcoming album ‘Escape From The Future’, and all proceeds are going towards helping frontman Oz and his legal bills and battles to see his son again.

We’re a squanderous generation, there’s no denying that – we fritter away money on impulse purchases and online OMGs, on takeaway food and taxis, on Starbucks and apps and “shit we don’t need” ( – Tyler Durden). And this is FIVE POUNDS we’re talking about here – just think for a minute about the last five quid you spent in McDonalds, or on an unnecessary cab ride, or a pay-per-view. Those things are experienced and gone forever – these tracks aren’t, and they’re fucking good to boot. Bringing great hooks, catchy melodies, by turns thoughtful and flat-out fun – the band leave a lasting sonic impression on the listener, and the tracks are immediately replayable, and it’s for a good cause. It’s a no-brainer, you guys.

So close that browser with the t-shirt of the Fonz jumping over Jaws*, click the link below and point your credit card that-a-way instead. Take a chance, a punt, and buy four tracks from a great band that are trying to reunite a father with a son.

Be a good guy.

– Adman

Watch the video for ‘Ph Phor Phake’ on Youtube, here:


The Sound of Superstring (L-R): Mr Chris, Jonathan, Bean, Tominey, Oz, Simon

*if that t-shirt isn’t already a thing, I’m making it a thing. Don’t steal it. Thanks.

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