You toss me the whip, I throw you the Idol – Indiana Jones being recast?


Since Disney‘s massive media-changing purchase of Lucasfilm, which brought all of their licenses under one roof alongside the Marvel Universe, their intentions were clear: there will be more Star Wars and there will be more Indiana Jones – both colossal and cherished series, tarnished by later entries years after the originals saw their release. Sure enough, the intention to release Episode VII in the story of stars and their wars was clarified soon after, with JJ Abrams picked to reinvigorate the franchise, but what about Dr Jones? What direction would they head after the largely disastrous Crystal Skull? What’s the timeline, and isn’t – whisper it – Harrison Ford just too old for the fedora and bullwhip? Were they really setting up Shia LaBeouf to take his place? It’s probably best not to think about it too much, right?

In a good news/bad news development, a report from Disney suggests that they may be looking to recast the role completely – and Bradley Cooper is top of their most wanted list. As I understand it, the aim is to follow the formula established by the Bond series by using various actors over an extended period, allowing for a gigantic and extended set of adventures to take place. Rumour also has it that Frank Darabont – whose original Crystal Skull script was ditched, in spite of word it was far superior – has already approached the studio with an idea. And this info – still rumour though it may be – broke via Latino Review, who have proven to be right on the money again and again with huge stories like this.

The question is, how do we feel about it? Are we simply too attached to Ford in the role? I know it’s going to take a lot of persuasion to even think of anybody else as cinema’s favourite archeologist. BUT – as choices go, Cooper is a fairly solid one. He can do action, comedy and drama (as well as reshape 80’s action heroes – as he did in The A-Team as Face), is currently riding on the success of one of his best performances in American Hustle, and actually has intelligence and charisma going on beneath the pretty mug. I like Darabont’s involvement; I like the Bond-like recasting ambition. But this has to be right in all the ways Skull was wrong, with a real understanding of who Indy is, what makes his adventures gripping and fun. As this continues to rumble on, I sincerely hope that’s the goal – not just fortune and glory.

There are tons of pictures of Bradley Cooper looking hot and buff on the internet, so here’s one of him looking like a dufus with ginger dreadlocks and yellow shades. No time for love, Dr. Jones.


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