Tom Hardy sneaks into the ‘Splinter Cell’ movie, Doug Liman tapped to direct

splinter cell

Tom Clancy‘s hugely successful Splinter Cell series – which has numerous videogames and novels under the umbrella of its title – looks finally ready to make the leapfrog from page-to-smallscreen-to-bigscreen.

Tom Hardy has already been cast in the lead role, with a script by Eric Singer (currently hot off the success of his previous effort, the Oscar-nommed American Hustle) and now Deadline is reporting that Doug Liman is in final talks to direct.

It’s fairly familiar territory for him, as he kickstarted the Bourne franchise with ‘Identity’ and also helmed the spy-vs-spy marriage movie Mrs & Mrs Smith, and this is a really positive step forward towards production – which is fortunate, as the studio is apparently hoping for a 2015 release. For those unfamilar with the series (and from Wiki):

The protagonist Sam Fisher is a highly trained agent of a fictional black-ops sub-division within the NSA, dubbed “Third Echelon”.

This will be the role Hardy will play – further details of the plot are yet to surface, but it’s safe bet there’ll be lots of sneaking around and double crossing going on. There are plenty of tough guy pictures of him around on the internet, so instead here’s one of him looking goofy with a cute dog. You’re welcome.


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