Avengers: Age of Ultron concept art


The ABC Network in America showed a special for Age of Ultron last night, which included previews of this pretty awesome concept art:


Quicksilver destroying bad guys and looking badass…


Scarlet Witch rocking her powers and looking cool…


…and most excitingly, this shot of Tony Stark’s ‘Hulkbuster’ suit squaring off against the Angry Green Guy.

It’s been talked up pretty heavily that the Hulk – finally perfected onscreen in his Avengers outing – would have a much larger role in the Ultron sequel, potentially as a threat to the team, which this image all but confirms. I loved Ruffalo as Banner, but any extra screentime for the big fella is always gonna be a bonus.

These images and more – including a few shots from Ant-Man footage – are currently on http://www.marvel.com

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