Here’s your first real peek at NBC’s Constantine

Sorry things have been a bit quiet around here of late – various things IRL conspired to slow things down a little and put the brakes on updates for a while.

BUT! The first episode of BBPP – the BASHBOOMPOWPODCAST – has now been recorded and going into the editing process, and hopefully posts will get back to normal now (whatever that is). So getting things back on track, here’s a follow-up to a recent story regarding NBC’s Constantine TV show. We originally discussed the casting of Welshman Matt Ryan in the lead here:, and now here’s the first look at him in character:

constantine 1

He’s got the John Constantine smug-smirk down, and I’m not the sort of rabid chest-beating fan that will go nuts about the change from blonde to brunette; whether or not he’ll attempt a Liverpool accent is a bit more central to the role, but probably about as likely as him constantly having a cigarette in his grasp (not very). This is exactly what it is – the actor in the get-up.

As it goes – yeah, I like it.


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