Metal, Meatbags and Mayhem – here’s the Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer

By clicking the above link, you have hereby consented to read the following post as written in complete sentences. It may make little sense to the actual demographic for this movie.


The full trailer has landed for Michael Bay’s fourth stab (in the eyes) at the Transformers franchise, offering almost no surprises to those who saw the previous Superbowl spot. It contains The Confused Expression of Mark Wahlberg (TM), an attractive young lady in denim, cars, Titus Welliver looking badass, some utterly incomprehensible metal giants, and a bunch of stuff Blowing Up Real Good. So, as the series goes, it’s pretty much busy-ness as usual.

This entry also, as anyone who remotely cares will know, features the dino-bots (hence the ‘Extinction’ angle) in what is sure to take the Stupid Crown from the previous franchise owner (‘Robot with a beard’, as seen in TF2). I actually can’t wait to see how the screenwriters can possibly justify them being in a film for any other reason than ‘because robot dinosaurs’, but whatever. Here it is:

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