Patrick Wilson joins the cast of Marvel’s ‘Ant Man’


A lot of comic book movie news gets covered on this site. I know! It’s probably unfair of me when there are so many period dramas and teen-romance-novel-adaptations out there gasping for as little as a paragraph of print. What can I say? I have to go where my heart is. And my heart is in a place where people wear spandex and have special powers.

Marvel has had plenty to blab about since BASHBOOMPOW! launched; it seems barely a few days passes without an announcement, reveal or clip being released by the Disney-owned behemoth. The ‘Ant Man’ project is one that’s been interesting from the start, and this piece of casting adds to the building excitement – taking time off from scaring the crap out of everyone in Insidious, The Conjuring, and its coming-soon sequel Annabelle is Patrick Wilson.


Last seen donning a cape in Zack Synder‘s uneven Watchmen, Wilson is a versatile actor who’s proven his chops in both serious and comedic roles, so it sounds like a perfect fit in the already-excellent cast for nerd-favourite director Edgar Wright. He joins Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly and Michael Pena, in a role as yet to be specified.

Can’t wait for this one.

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