Oh hai, Facebook


Hi guys.

This is just a small greeting to say… thanks for visiting the site. You were probably brought to this article by the Facebook group, and if you were I hope you’ll like the page, maybe tell a buddy or two, and stick around for a little while. It’s been only two weeks since BASHBOOMPOW! was launched, delivering pop-culture news, reviews, info and random Internet junk, and in that time it’s amassed almost 1000 views from places as diverse as the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Sweden… even IRELAND. I know. Pretty crazy huh.

I’m hoping the site will expand soon, with more contributors, reviews, articles and the BBP Podcast (episode 1 records in the next couple of weeks), but I hope in the meantime you find some stuff to enjoy.

So please do what Facebookers do – like stuff you like, share stuff you think is cool, drop an opinion in comments where you think it counts. I really want to get a Geek Community going.

If you haven’t seen the Facebook page yet, you can find us at:


Come by and say hello.

Thank you.

– Adman (Editor-in-[Mis]Chief & Head Writer)

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/that_skinny_guy
Email: bashboompow@gmail.com

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