UPDATE: Although it’s posted everywhere else online and you’ve likely seen it by now (I didn’t get chance to post it last night as I was busy testing equipment for the forthcoming podcast), here’s a link to Godzilla‘s main trailer… and holy shit it looks fantastic. Widespread annihilation of the US, some desperate VoiceOver from everybody’s favourite meth cook, some big story giveaways (it follows on from the 1954 original, there are TWO monsters at least in this) – hell, I’ll even forgive the overused BWARRRRRRRM’s on the soundtrack as they’re used to great effect here, to pile the tension up into a car crash. Before we see the Big Boy himself of course:


Hugely excited for this one, and here’s the trailer in all its glory . Original article below.

– Adman

Below is a leaked image of the proposed April 2014 cover of Empire Magazine, featuring what is pretty much the first legit look at Gareth Edwards’ 2014 Godzilla. It’s looking like an instantly iconic, classic take on the beloved character and thankfully a totally distant relative of Roland Emmerich’s dinosaur-lite. I think it’s awesome. How about you?

ImageSource: http://www.reddit.com

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