BASHBOOMPOW! News Round-Up – 22.02.14



HI-YOOOO! Welcome to Issue No. 2 of the BASHBOOMPOW! News Round-Up, where you’ll find a bunch of stories, links, and random cool things that surfaced online in the last seven days. STUFF HAPPENED! It’s true, and here’s the article to prove it. Let’s begin with a few links to what’s been covered here on BBP! this week in case you missed ’em first time around, before moving into uncharted territories:

Marty McFly’s shoes of tomorrow, coming to feet near you

The Simpsons are going to… Be Lego

Mondo hold a gallery for Laurent Durieux artwork

An adorable kid loses his mind watching the Man of Steel fly

Vince McMahon wants Newcastle Utd

Marvel drops Guardians of the Galaxy teaser and trailer

Some cool images from Pixar artist Josh Cooley’s book ‘Movies R Fun’

Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four cast announced

See ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Green Goblin

Godzilla stomps online with a new poster

Alrighty, so now everyone’s up to speed – let’s move on with the new hype.

Awesome ‘Bad Droid’ t-shirt is Awesome


This excellent mash up of JJ Abrams’ production logo for Bad Robot and everybody’s favourite R2 unit is available to buy online for only $20. I’m not gonna go full-on cynicism and relate it to the fact he’s directing Episode VII or anything. Nuh-uh. You can pick one up here:

URRGGGGGHHH, a remake of  ‘The Raid’ is happening


In a move that is as unsurprising as it is vomitously maddening, the powers that be in Hollywood have decided that Garth Evans’ eye-pulverising action epic ‘The Raid‘ is befitting an English language do-over. The reasoning is unfathomable; firstly, it’s fairly untouchable as a piece of cinema, with breathtaking fight scenes that are impossible to match in a remake, and secondly… why the fuck would you bother at all? The story is straightforward, the dialogue is perfunctory – the fluidity, inventiveness and insanity of the carnage it brings to the screen is what makes this film the classic it is, and it’s beyond impossible to duplicate. Well, someone doesn’t think so: Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes is working from a script by Out of the Furnace‘s Brad Inglesby, and all signs point to the project moving forward. UGH.

Top Ten Assassins

Ass Ass In

Ass Ass In

Writer Drew McWeeney is an online presence I’ve followed for many years – from his well-known (and occasionally notorious) previous career as Moriarty over at Harry Knowles’ Ain’t It Cool News movie site through to his present, and much more reputable, column at, ‘Motion Captured. As a lead-in to the US release of Kevin Costner’s ‘Three Days to Kill’ this week, Drew proposed a top-ten list of is favourite movie hit-men (and women). Check it out here:

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit (for a high price, stranger*)

If you’re one of us people who’s fearing, expecting or hoping for a zombie outbreak some time in the near future, might just have a solution for you: for just (!) 14 thousand dollars American, you can now purchase your very own bomb-shelter-in-a-box with everything you’ll need to outlast and smash an undead horde. Well, they seem confident they’ve covered everything – there’s a severe shortage of shotguns and chainsaws as far as I can see. If you’re ready to part with your pennies in case the end of days arrives soon, you can order yours here:–Other–Gear.html

‘Afterthought’ – Short Film


This is a very cool, surreal short film that’s definitely worth a look – writer and director Val Teller‘s ‘Afterthought‘ has a neat concept and is executed very, very well. Here’s the official synopsis:

Brandon Ames is a self-involved real estate appraiser visiting a small town on business with ulterior motives. One morning, he receives a bill for his own funeral. When he goes to the funeral home to correct what is sure to be an error, he is told that ‘Brandon Ames’ is dead and buried. Experiencing what feels like a bad dream, he learns that no one can recognize him anymore. Brandon goes around town looking for answers not knowing who to trust, unaware that he has become the test subject of a fringe science experiment carried out at an unsual site.’

Sounds cool, right? With more on the project promised from Teller, this is well worth investigating now. Watch it here:

Ghastly Kurt Cobain statue unveiled


This hideous statue of the Nirvana frontman was unleashed upon his hometown of Aberdeen, Washington. A fitting mark to leave on a town in which he was apparently bullied and outcast during his time there, it was revealed on Febuary 20th, a day which would have marked his 47th birthday.

Awesome t-shirt is Awesome 2 – Awesome Harder

Hike & Chully

Hike & Chully

Here’s another awesome mash-up tee – Shirtoid’s ‘Hike & Chully’, mixing up our favourite monsters and space rogues.  Grab yours for $20 at:

‘Breadcrumb Trail’ – Slint Documentary


This looks very, very cool. Lance Bangs, Jackass cameraman (often filmed himself throwing up in horror at the sights he captures) and filmmaker has tackled a doc on the legendary band Slint and their groundbreaking 1991 album ‘Spiderland‘. Hailed as a huge influence by many contemporary bands, Bangs has dug deep into their history and the making of the landmark album and the results are looking thought-provoking and highly interesting. Check out the trailer here:

(and in case you’ve never heard it – the album is here too):

That’s about everything for right now. Check back in on the regular for daily updates and features. And hey, don’t be afraid to share with your buddies.

All are welcome, all are welcome.

– Adman

*Yes, that’s a Resident Evil 4 Merchant reference. Well done.

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